[dis] [com] b [ob] u l a t i o n s

repeat offender

sucker for forgetting

to refrain from comparison

for comparison’s sake

because no one’s counting anyway

and no one can hear your thoughts—why

sometimes, even you forget

as quickly as they had come

in a flash—a beautiful epiphanic flash

that can’t even be captured

by the vanity of the vastly open sea

those freckles of fractured light rays

which glide across the flatness of horizons like

dying stars—-one among innumerable stars

made less immense save for its share of orbiting planets

that die with them—what was that important thing you had to say 

that night when you were taken by a strangeness

which shown brightly on your face—an estrangement from the sense of

place that anchored you to the here —not the there — though

you found it hard to find yourself somewhere

amicably in-between—f-well fitted feeling safe

in the hands of warm gloves far away from the sidelines

of no-man’s land- of planters and plotted plants

plot holes which leading into plunging manholes and away from

residual floating zones that are grossly neglected

and therefore do not exist—but you wouldn’t be able to find them anyway

even if you tried—even if you told yourself to look harder

and squinted and oriented yourself back with the cardinal axis

and away from the 30 degree tilt

that sent you away in the first place

where does that kind of 

irrational faith that one has for someone else

come from? the die-hard trust

that you couldn’t even ask for

because you never felt entitled to it

not because you couldn’t dream of it

but because you couldn’t believe

that it could be so real—yet so uncommon

in the everyday you were so used to living—

you found it right there sitting patiently in your lap

staring at you with dutifulness and a kind of gratitude

impossible to fake—even if it were in front of a jury

at the stand testifying against a crime everyone knows

you’ve committed but that is so petty and far from

incorrigible—these are the kinds of consequence-less

senselessness that pervades your everyday thoughts

of yourself when you are lying there in a naked kind of way

hoping to find a bone to chew or to pick

you’ve committed but that is so petty and far from

incorrigible—these are the kinds of consequence-less

senselessness that pervades your everyday thoughts

of yourself when you are lying there in a naked kind of way

hoping to find a bone to chew or to pick

up after the trail of cookie cutter pieces 

strategically planted for the scavenger hunt.

the teaser does the trick. and all you can do is turn

your smile away from the stare and pretend

that you didn’t hear it all and ask

in a polite way—if someone might be able to 

repeat it all for you but

from the top

starting at


in a lifetime

we’ve gained so much experience

eating—chewing, masticating, swallowing, 

it’s hard to imagine how someone

might find themselves dead

from choking on a chip

dont be so hard on yourself

they say but then again

it’s not a game worth playing

when you’re stumped and clueless

finding yourself acting shamelessly

or in fact—not shameless enough

two in row… becomes three and more

binge fits—find out more at the end 

of this guessing game and the answer is

as per usual—more simply—more

but what’s it worth if he didn’t even get to say goodbye

and he just stopped laughing and croaked

if he really was on the toilet—so he told—

stumped by his own stool the pressure got to him

he wanted him to feel humiliated

so he did and so he let him beg

beg big brother for forgiveness for his kindness

for new meaning for new life for the end to new beginnings

for clean feet and shiny shoes and a reason to wear a suit

for the cash to place another bet

but this bet’s got no end to it and guess what

there’s no more guessing

because we’re too short on answers

at this end of the stick. 

remember wondering

if you eat an apple seed

whether you might later sprout

an apple tree in your tummy?

all things aside

having all things still

considered for brutal

recapitulation—never lets the best

escape them—in honor of remembrances

difficult to keep because that ineffable moment

is always escaping our gasp

plunging out of thin waters

reaching blinding towards that ineffable thing

the mundane and discreet slips

beneath our feet—but it gets stickier 

with every step and we stop to check

the soles of our shoes—those rubber platform things

scraping us above the concrete

so that we don’t have to know the feeling

of rubble against fleshy skin

going out

for a run

take a piss

have a cig

drink champagne


lying down

on the couch

missed your call

waiving bye

don’t say hi

call your bluff

call it quits

over it

hairy pits

shiny shoes

shave your legs

read my lips

pay your dues

catch a break


take the piss

out of you

two months done gone by

taking model pics

posing strangely in front of

this object-thing—because you know

that a kilogram is just a thing—soon to be 

reprinted on glossy sheets like how your

fingerprints leaves its matte-on-black grease

couldn’t even get close enough to see his pupil size increase

if they even did, but the smirk twitched

knowingly and you know what it got you

good—it made your bones itch, knowingly

you still played dumb anyway, made him think

you didnt pick up-it’s called playing hard

it’s all hard to get out of the guessing

because the signs are all pointing one way

or another like the wind it’s always moving somewhere

the earth’s always rotating—all this h20’s done gone

gotten soaked up by the atmosphere while the focus of our gaze

forever escapes our seeing our whims ever-changing

though our bloods still flowing

for now anyways